Personalised Setup costs of R400 apply.

All pricing is ex Cape Town.

Other shapes/sizes also available on request. Chocolates are available in milk, dark and white.

ShapeSizeWrapped in CellophaneChocolate in Handmade Box
Ovals/Tags40mm x 40mm x 3mmR 2.90 exVAT.R 11.50 exVAT.
50mm x 30mm x 3mmR 2.90 exVAT.R 11.50 exVAT.
60mm x 40mm x 3mmR 5.20 exVAT.R 16.00 exVAT.
60mm x 40mm x 6mmR 6.65 exVAT.R 16.00 exVAT.
Squares/Octagon/Hearts/Rounds50mm x 50mm x 3mmR 5.20 exVAT.R 14.65 exVAT.
50mm x 50mm x 6mmR 6.65 exVAT.R 16.00 exVAT.
Africa Shape46mm x 62mm x 4mmR 5.20 exVAT.R 15.40 exVAT.
46mm x 62mm x 6mmR 6.65 exVAT.R 16.35 exVAT.
Business Cards80mm x 40mm x 3mmR 7.60 exVAT.R 21.45 exVAT.
80mm x 40mm x 6mmR 9.30 exVAT.R 23.10 exVAT.
100mm x 50mm x 3mmR 10.40 exVAT.R 22.75 exVAT.
100mm x 50mm x 6mmR 11.95 exVAT.R 25.55 exVAT.
100mm x 75mm x 6mmR 20.20 exVAT.R 38.85 exVAT.
Menus75mm x 75mm x 6mmR 14.15 exVAT.R 28.10 exVAT.
100mm x 100mm x 6mmR 24.20 exVAT.R 44.30 exVAT.
120mm x 80mm x 6mmR 24.20 exVAT.R 44.30 exVAT.
CDsMini CD 75mm x 6mmR 13.30 exVAT.R 28.20 exVAT.
110 diam x 6mmR 24.20 exVAT.R 44.30 exVAT.
Lollipops50 diam x 6mmR 7.95 exVAT. 
80 diam x 6mmR 14.65 exVAT. 
Gift Boxes35mm40mm50mm
2 chocolates17.45 exVAT.23.60 exVAT.26.75 exVAT.
3 chocolates24.80 exVAT.34.25 exVAT.35.45 exVAT.
4 chocolates31.60 exVAT.43.55 exVAT.44.30 exVAT.
6 chocolates36.90 exVAT.52.30 exVAT.61.95 exVAT.
8 chocolates46.95 exVAT.63.00 exVAT.80.60 exVAT.
9 chocolates50.35 exVAT.67.75 exVAT.88.70 exVAT.
10 chocolates53.75 exVAT.72.60 exVAT.94.00 exVAT.

Download Princing as PDF